Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where Are Those Home Builders When You Need Them Most?

We are building a new house. This is a reason for celebration and joy for our entire family. However, I'm the only one concerned with the quality of the end result.

My wife and my kids can't be bothered with such details, they already dream about the day when they are going to plant trees and design a beautiful garden.

Meanwhile, I have to supervise the works, and I have to confess this is the most difficult project I've had to manage in my entire life. 

To make a long story short, the first team of workers left on a very short notice, with no explanation other than that the project was taking too long and they already needed to be elsewhere. I tried to replace them and manage the daily activities, but I'm not such a skilled builder, so I had to give up on this idea. 

Now I'm seeking for a complete team of home builder in Austin to hire before the rainy season comes. If I could get some reliable workers, perhaps I could have to roof installed before those rains are going to come. We are already a bit behind the schedule, but I hope we can catch up if I find a really good team.

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